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12 March 2018

Action on ice: The Queensland Government's plan to address use and harms caused by crystal methamphetamine

This document details the government's plan to address the use and harms caused to individuals, families,  communities and frontline services by crystal methamphetamine. For individuals, problematic ice use  or dependence can lead to complex and serious mental and physical health, legal, social, personal and financial consequences. The impact for families can include family dysfunction, breakdown and conflict, preventing safe and responsive parenting, financial stress and mental and health issues. For example, 1 in 3 children who came into the care of the Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women had a parent who had used methamphetamine at least once, mostly within the  12 months before the child came into care. Ice misuse and its associated harms are also placing an increased burden on emergency services, community services, law enforcement and the health system, and the staff that work within them, across the public, private and non-government sectors.  The plan also details how the government will tackle the harmful use and effects of methamphetamine by reducing supply through law enforcement activity; reducing the demand for ice through prevention, early intervention and treatment and reducing the harms from ice through specialised programs, services and initiatives to support individuals, families and the workforce.