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Searches on the Hub

Searches on the Hub deal only with these things: title, summary, keywords, publisher and/or author.

Search queries are divided into terms and operators.


Terms come in two types: Single Terms and Phrases.

  • A Single Term is a single word such as 'scaffolding' or 'outdoor'.
  • A Phrase is a group of words surrounded by double quotes, eg "indoor play".


‘Boolean’ operators ('OR' and 'AND') allow several terms to be combined, to form a more complex query.

You must enter them using capital letters (eg, 'OR', not 'or' and 'AND', not 'and').

The OR operator

  • The OR operator is the default (assumed) operator. So, if you do not enter a Boolean operator between two terms, the OR operator will be used.
  • The OR operator links two search terms and finds matching resources if either of the terms exist in their title, summary, keywords, and listed publisher and/or author. For example, both of these searches will return the same result:

    "service management" leadership

    "service management" OR leadership

The AND operator

The AND operator matches items where both terms exist in their title, summary, keywords, and listed publisher and/or author. For example, the following will start a search for things on the Hub that contain "assessment" as well as "rating":

"assessment" AND "rating"

Latest articles

This report from the Productivity Commission provides detailed information on the equity, effectiveness and efficiency of homelessness services and the achievement of outcomes for specialist homelessness services.

This study examined the relationship between foster mothers' parenting stress and coparenting relationship quality, and the moderating influence of foster caregiver role support. The additional challenges faced by foster carers (e.g. caring for a traumatised child, financial strain) can increase their parenting stress, possibly leading to struggles with parenting and other relationships in the home, such as the coparenting relationship.

This paper reports the findings of a systematic review of research examining the psychosocial factors associated with the behavioural health of children and young people in foster and kinship care. 

The aim of this study was to investigate the current empirical evidence for organisation‐wide, trauma‐informed therapeutic care models in OoHC. Seven research papers were identified covering three organisational models. Three of the studies assessed the Attachment Regulation and Competency framework (ARC), one study assessed the Children and Residential Experiences programme (CARE), and three assessed The Sanctuary Model. The risk of bias was high in six of the seven studies.