Search tips

Searches on the Hub

Searches on the Hub deal only with these things: title, summary, keywords, publisher and/or author.

Search queries are divided into terms and operators.


Terms come in two types: Single Terms and Phrases.

  • A Single Term is a single word such as 'scaffolding' or 'outdoor'.
  • A Phrase is a group of words surrounded by double quotes, eg "indoor play".


‘Boolean’ operators ('OR' and 'AND') allow several terms to be combined, to form a more complex query.

You must enter them using capital letters (eg, 'OR', not 'or' and 'AND', not 'and').

The OR operator

  • The OR operator is the default (assumed) operator. So, if you do not enter a Boolean operator between two terms, the OR operator will be used.
  • The OR operator links two search terms and finds matching resources if either of the terms exist in their title, summary, keywords, and listed publisher and/or author. For example, both of these searches will return the same result:

    "service management" leadership

    "service management" OR leadership

The AND operator

The AND operator matches items where both terms exist in their title, summary, keywords, and listed publisher and/or author. For example, the following will start a search for things on the Hub that contain "assessment" as well as "rating":

"assessment" AND "rating"

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