Out of the Dark: Protecting kids from the dangers online

Today’s young people live in a technologically advanced world where online interactions provide meaning, belonging and community.

But this exciting digital world can also expose children to the risk of various types of sexual harm - and many young people and their families do not have the knowledge necessary for managing this risk or responding to harm.

The Out of the Dark (OOTD) project was established in response to the 2015 Queensland Organised Crime Commission of Inquiry (Byrne Report) and primarily addresses internet-related child sexual abuse.

The QFCC is currently working in collaboration with the Queensland Police Service’s Task Force Argos, Education Queensland, the Queensland Government Chief Information Office, the Office of the eSafety Commissioner and Bravehearts to produce the latest instalment in an effective community education campaign aimed at children and their carers to educate them to recognise, prevent and respond to online sexual harm.

Need help?

If you are in immediate danger dial ‘OOO’.

For additional support, contact:

For more information on how to keep children and young people safe online see our online safety resources.

For more information on image-based abuse: https://www.esafety.gov.au/image-based-abuse

To report online related child sexual abuse: https://bravehearts.org.au/join-the-dots/ 

19 July 2018