Reform evaluation

There are a number of performance monitoring and evaluation activities associated with the Queensland child protection reform program. 

Agencies and organisations that deliver services to children, young people and families collect data on these services. Some agencies are also responsible for evaluating the implementation and effectiveness of services and initiatives they deliver. These agencies and organisations include this information in reporting products, including annual reports and evaluation reports. The Queensland Family and Child Commission maintains awareness of other agencies’ evaluation activities and provides advice or support where appropriate. 

The Queensland Family and Child Commission is responsible for leading evaluations of the reform program at the program-level, that is, evaluating the whole program rather than its individual components. Program-level evaluations will collect new data to supplement existing monitoring and evaluation data collected by other agencies and organisations when assessing progress towards achieving reform objectives. 

The purpose of evaluating the reform program is to:

  • Demonstrate accountability for delivering reform activities
  • Enable reform implementers and the sector to learn from evaluation findings and make well-informed decisions to improve service delivery
  • Understand the impact of the reform program on children, young people and families.

Multiple program-level evaluations will be conducted throughout the 10-year lifespan of the reform program (2014–2024). It is expected that over this period, the scope of program-level evaluations will change, as complementary human service reform programs and reviews are introduced which also aim to improve outcomes for children, young people and families by strengthening the child protection and family support system. Program-level evaluations will consider different domains of evaluation, including reform program process, effectiveness, impact and financial sustainability. The focus of each program-level evaluation will depend on program maturity, availability of data and the broader reform context at different evaluation time points.

05 February 2019