Listening to children & young people

We value the rights of children and young people to be involved in decisions about legislation, systems, policies and practice designed to promote their safety and wellbeing. 

Whether young people are living at home or away from home (either in care or under another arrangement), their voices need to be reflected in big decisions made by government. 

That’s why we invited young people to have their say as part of the Growing up in Queensland project, and why we share stories from children and young people about their experiences. 

Working with children and young people 

One of the best things about Queensland is the beautiful diversity in our people and communities. We’ve all had different life experiences, we all come from different backgrounds and we definitely have different views and stories.

Some of the ways we work with children and young people include:

  • our Youth Advisory Council
  • events that are focused on children and young people
  • group consultation about different projects
  • partnering with other organisations that work with children and/or young people
  • supporting young people to attend events where their voices need to be heard.

Young people have told us they experience barriers to having their voices heard. That’s why we developed the Youth Participation Strategy and Plan. 

Youth Participation Strategy and Plan 

The Youth Participation Strategy aims to make sure children and young people have meaningful opportunities to participate in and inform the design and delivery of our work. 

It also identifies ways children and young people can help us determine whether the work we have done has been effective and beneficial. 

Each year the QFCC develops a Youth Participation Plan to commit to actions in line with the Strategy. 

Check out the 2019 Youth Participation Plan (PDF, 438KB) and Youth Participation Strategy (PDF, 495KB) to see how we connect, respect and celebrate the views of young people.

13 May 2019