Four young children sitting down eating ice cream and laughing

Keeping kids more than safe

Promoting well-being, listening to children & young people, analysing & improving the child protection system.

Young girl swimming in a pool

Preventing child injury & death

We report on child deaths, research risk factors and make recommendations to prevent deaths, including our Seconds Count campaign for keeping kids safe around water.

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Cut out shapes of a family joining hands

Monitoring & reviewing systems that protect children

We report on and improve the system by reviewing the blue card & foster care system, when a child goes missing, and responses to the death of a child known to government.

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Group of young people with their heads together smiling

Listening to children & young people

We provide meaningful opportunities for kids to participate and inform our work and share their stories, like they have through our Growing Up in Queensland project.

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Teenage boy sitting on the couch with a laptop next to his mother

Out of the Dark: Protecting kids from the dangers online

Keeping children and young people safe online through the Out of the Dark campaign. Plus resources for parents and carers.

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Group of teenagers standing behind each other

Your rights: Guide to child protection for kids

This guide helps kids figure out the child protection system, by explaining things simply and clearly. Know your rights, have your say and find people who can help.

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Sneakers standing in front of three arrows

Transition to independence

Supporting and highlighting the needs of young people 15-18 years old as they make the journey from the child protection system to independence.

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Kids & the justice system

We’ve listened to the views and experiences of children and young people, families and organisations and conducted a review on the minimum age of criminal responsibility.

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Young people living in care

The Queensland Family and Child Commission (QFCC) recognises that children living in out-of-home care are some of the most vulnerable children in Queensland, particularly those who reside in residential care.

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