Your rights: Guide to child protection for kids

The information in this section is dedicated to helping kids and young people understand the child protection system and all the things different people do to keep children safe.

This information will help you to understand your rights, have your say and find people who can help.

Note: wherever you see the word ‘child’ in the following sub-pages, it means anyone under 18 years old.

The Did you know? Key facts for children and young people in out of home care factsheet (PDF, 267KB) provides a helpful summary. 

Key facts to remember include:

  • You have rights
  • The government can do certain things to keep you safe
  • Child Safety Services can help you to be, stay and feel safe
  • Courts can decide how to keep you safe
  • You can always speak up

If you don't agree about who you should live with, or how much contact you have with your family, visit our who can help page for more information.