Annual Report: Deaths of children and young people Queensland 2013–14

The Annual Report: Deaths of children and young people Queensland 2013-14 was tabled on 26 November 2014. The authorised electronic version of the annual report can be accessed on the Queensland Parliament website in the online tabled papers.

The QFCC collects, analyses and publishes information about child deaths to help prevent future deaths and serious injuries. We work with researchers and other agencies to raise community awareness and develop prevention programs and policies.

We provide detailed child death data to researchers and organisations, at no cost – please email

Sections of the Annual Report

Cover, Contents, Foreword and Executive Summary (PDF, 764KB)

Contents and Foreword (DOCX, 21KB)

Executive Summary (DOCX, 39KB)

About this Report (DOCX, 97KB)

Letter to Premier (DOCX, 28KB)

Chapter 1: Introduction and overview (PDF, 354KB)

Chapter 2: Deaths from diseases and morbid conditions (PDF, 347KB)

Chapter 3: Transport (PDF, 433KB)

Chapter 4: Drowning (PDF, 467KB)

Chapter 5: Other non-intentional injury (PDF, 296KB)

Chapter 6: Suicide (PDF, 358KB)

Chapter 7: Fatal assault and neglect (PDF, 328KB)

Chapter 8: Sudden unexpected deaths in infancy (PDF, 461KB)

Chapter 9: Child death prevention activities (PDF, 215KB)

Chapter 10: Jurisdictional comparisons (PDF, 357KB)


Appendices (PDF, 753KB)

Appendix 1.1 and 1.2 (DOCX, 64KB)

Appendix 1.3 (DOCX, 17KB)

Appendix 1.4 (DOCX, 22KB)

Appendix 2.1 (DOCX, 24KB)

Appendix 5.1 (DOCX, 18KB)

Appendix 6.1 (DOCX, 75KB)

Appendix 7.1 (DOCX, 21KB)

Appendix 10.1 (DOCX, 32KB)

Data tables

Analysis of deaths of children and young people, Queensland, 2004–05 to 2013–14 (XLSX, 2MB)

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The materials presented on this site are provided by the Queensland Government for information purposes only. Users should note that the electronic version of the annual report on this site is not recognised as the official or authorised version. The official copy of the annual report, as tabled in the Legislative Assembly of Queensland, can be accessed from the Queensland Parliament’s tabled papers website database.