Review into the death of a child known to Child Safety

On 11 June 2016, 21 month-old Mason Jet Lee, a child known to Child Safety Services, died in the north Brisbane suburb of Caboolture.

Child Safety Services and Queensland Health both initiated formal reviews of the services provided to Mason prior to his death. The Premier asked us to provide oversight of these reviews.

We worked with Child Safety Services and Queensland Health to ensure their reviews were timely, thorough and able to deliver outcomes to improve service delivery to vulnerable children in Queensland. Both departments provided copies of their internal and external review reports to us for analysis and consideration.

Our analysis of these reviews is detailed in the report A systems review of individual agency findings following the death of a child (PDF, 8.75MB).

We identified opportunities for the child protection system and child death review mechanisms adopted in Queensland to be strengthened and improved. These opportunities were condensed into a single recommendation that the Queensland Government considers a revised model for reviewing deaths of children ‘known to the child protection system’ (section 246A (1)(a–d) of the Child Protection Act 1999).

We have been working with our partner agencies and stakeholders, with support from the Queensland Government, to establish a contemporary, best practice child death review model for Queensland.