The QFCC conducts systemic oversight of the child and family support sector. Through this function the QFCC seeks to promote a reliable, productive and sustainable child and family support system.

The Oversight Strategy 2020–2022 outlines an ongoing program to provide timely and independent oversight of efforts to deliver on and monitor how well the system upholds and protects children’s rights, wellbeing and safety and generates outcomes for all Queensland communities.

QFCC Oversight Strategy 2020-2022.PDF (PDF, 6.46 MB)

To provide proactive and independent oversight, the QFCC will report publicly, where appropriate, and share findings with relevant agencies within the child and family support system.

The QFCC will provide information on system performance through:

  • reporting against impact areas (snapshot reports)
  • reporting annually on the performance of the child and family support system
  • proactive systemic reviews.

If you’re looking for more information, visit QFCC’s systemic oversight reviews and inquiries.