Monitoring & reviewing systems that protect children

The QFCC is responsible for overseeing the child protection and family support systems in Queensland. This oversight promotes the safety, wellbeing and best interests of children and young people and aims to improve and strengthen the child protection and family support systems.

We provide strategic oversight by monitoring, reviewing and reporting on system issues impacting the performance of the child protection and family support systems. We use reviews, research and consultation with children, families, communities and the people who work within the sector to identify what is working well and areas requiring improvement.

We work with our partner agencies to:

  • share information and findings from our reviews
  • coordinate oversight efforts
  • discuss reform initiatives.

We also chair the:

  • QFCC Reviews: Strategic Oversight Group: This group monitors the implementation of government-accepted recommendations arising from reviews in which we are the delegated oversight agency.
  • Strategic Cross-Agency Oversight Group: This group discusses sector-wide trends and issues with a focus on external, systemic and cross-agency oversight.

Each year we provide a report to the Premier about Queensland’s performance in:

  • achieving state and national goals relating to the child protection system, comparisons to other jurisdictions
  • reducing the number of, and improving the outcomes for, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and young people in the child protection system.

From time to time the Premier has requested we lead comprehensive systemic reviews, such as the Review into the blue card and foster care system, Review into the death of a child known to Child Safety, and When a child is missing from out-of-home care.