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Talking Families

Talking Families is your go-to parenting community. We don't expect kids to be perfect and we don't expect parents to be perfect either. Let's navigate the ins and outs of parenting together.

From the moment they came into our lives, we've all wanted the best for our kids. But sometimes, when things are getting stressful, it's hard to keep positive. 

At Talking Families, we don't expect kids to be perfect, and we don't expect parents to be perfect either. We all make mistakes - but we can navigate the ins and outs of parenting together.

So let's do this parenting thing and learn to ask for help when we need it, to offer help when possible and support our fellow parents. 

Let's parent together.

We’ve created a Talking Families website and Facebook community that give parents, carers and families tips on who to talk to and how to start conversations, as well as real stories from parents, blog articles and information about where else to go for help.

Talking Families aims to:

  • help reduce the pressures on families
  • encourage parents and caregivers to ask for help
  • encourage others (for example friends, neighbours, colleagues) to offer help if they see a parent struggling
  • provide information about where to access support services
  • demystify the child and family support sector
  • emphasise the shared responsibility we all have for protecting and caring for Queensland kids.

Evidence behind Talking Families

Talking Families research reports

In 2015 and 2016, we commissioned Ipsos to survey more than 4,000 parents and non-parents to better understand what drives help-seeking, help-offering and help-accepting behaviours in relation to parenting in Queensland.

By working together with our stakeholders, we have been using this research to inform our community education campaigns to encourage parents to seek support and communities to look out for parents struggling.

Download the Talking Families research report below along with snapshots highlighting key findings:

Talking-Families-Research-report-2016 (PDF, 5.71 MB)
Indigenous snapshot Infographic (PDF, 89.94 KB)
Statewide snapshot Infographic (PDF, 89.46 KB)
Indigenous snapshot Infographic (PDF, 89.94 KB)

Central Queensland University research reports

In 2016, researchers from the Central Queensland University examined the Ipsos data to investigate relationships between individual- and community-level factors, parents’ feelings of effectiveness and empowerment regarding their parenting, and parents’ help-seeking behaviours.

This project further examined the role of domestic and family violence in general and the role of cultural connectedness for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander parents.

Download the reports:

CQ University - Full Report (PDF, 2.68 MB)
CQ University - Summary Report (PDF, 644.88 KB)

Evaluation report

In mid-May 2015, we released the evaluation of the first phase of the 5-year Talking Families social marketing campaign, which began in 2014 with a 6-week wave of radio and television advertising across the state.

Download the report from Colmar Brunton:

A shared responsibility: using social marketing to influence behaviour - 2015 summary report (PDF, 931.15 KB)