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Terms and conditions – Families Are First online submissions
  1. Families Are First is a project conducted by the Queensland Family and Child Commission representing the State of Queensland (the QFCC).
  2. By making a submission via this website, you are deemed to have read and accepted these terms.
  3. Families Are First is open to submissions from people ages 12 years and over. Children under 18 years need the permission of their parent or guardian to make a submission.
  4. The QFCC will only use your submission/s as part of the Families are First project, unless you have consented to further use in other projects.
  5. You retain copyright ownership of any written or artistic works, and sound or video recordings, which they have created and submitted to Families Are First. By submitting your original work to Families Are First, you grant the QFCC a revocable (in writing), royalty-free, worldwide and non-exclusive licence to use, communicate, reproduce, publish, adapt, modify and sub-license the submission. The license term is either of the following:
    1. if you do not consent to the QFCC using your submission for other purposes than Families Are First, until the Families Are First project is no longer maintained by the QFCC; or
    2. in any other case, perpetual.
  6. The QFCC may sub-license submissions under the following attribution: “Original work contributed by members of the Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community as part of the Queensland Family and Child Commission’s Families Are First project 2019.”
  7. If you no longer wish your submission to be included in Families Are First or used by the QFCC, you may terminate the license agreement by sending written notice to the QFCC at
  8. Submissions may appear on social media including (but not limited to) Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and others. If your submission is uploaded to social media services the information contained in that submission, including your personal information, may be transferred outside Australia. By making a submission you are deemed to have consented to any such transfer.
  9. All submissions must be suitable for viewing by people of all ages. All submissions will be moderated for suitable content before being available for online viewing. Submissions including offensive or explicit themes or language will not be published.
  10. Submissions that do not align with the purpose of Families Are First may not appear at the discretion of the QFCC. The QFCC reserves the right to reject any submission for any reason. Rejected submissions will not appear. You will be notified if your submission is rejected and may be given an opportunity to rectify the submission.
  11. The QFCC cannot restrict the audience for your submission and therefore you should not share stories which include men’s or women’s business. Such submissions may not appear at the discretion of the QFCC.
  12. The images or stories of individuals who have passed away may be included in the gallery. Please ensure you have the permission from the family of a deceased person before you submit any stories or images about them.
  13. Where the submission includes images or personal information of other individuals, it is your responsibility to obtain written permission to use the images or personal information of people appearing in the submission. The written permission must include consent to
    1. upload the images online and to social media websites which involves the transfer of the images outside Australia
    2. the loss of control of the images, and
    3. from the parent/guardian of any individual who is under 18 years of age.
  14. Where the submission includes images of sacred sites, it is your responsibility to obtain written permission from the custodian of the sacred site which appears.
  15. The QFCC may contact you to obtain a written consent as required by clauses 13 and 14 if you do not provide it with your submission. Your submission will not appear if a written consent is not provided.
  16. By providing a submission you warrant that
    1. all the information you have provided is true and correct
    2. the submission is your own original work and does not infringe on the intellectual property rights of any other person, and
    3. you have obtained written permission if required from other individuals who appear on your submission.
  17. You agree to indemnify the State of Queensland against any loss or damage resulting from a breach of the clause 16 warranty.