"I come from a large family and my strongest memory is doing everything together. If it was a time of mourning or a time of celebration, we did everything together. I want my son to know his family and to have that same strong connection.”

          Mother, Kuku Yalangi, Far North Queensland

Young Girl resting her chin on her arms and smiling at the camera.

Be a part of Families are First

You are invited to create and share your own unique story as part of the Families are First movement.

Whether as a parent, child, extended family member, carer, Elder or community member, your positive yarns will be an inspiration for all communities in Queensland.

Some examples of wisdom that you could share include:

  • Birthing practices 
  • Tips for bringing up baby
  • Teaching your child/ children their traditional language  
  • How you come together as a family  
  • Supporting your child/ children with sporting or academic achievements
  • The important role of grandparents
  • Challenges your family has faced and overcome
  • How your family connects with country and/or culture
  • Responding to children’s needs through different phases of development, for example teenage years. 

We would also like to hear from organisations about programs that support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children to grow and thrive.