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Helping to build skills, capacity and relationships across the sector

A big part of the child protection reforms in Queensland focuses on strengthening the sector that supports children and families. Having a more capable and effective sector means that better services can be provided to Queensland’s most vulnerable.

We are working with the sector to listen to their concerns about the child protection and family support system, and where and how we can make improvements.

Together, with the help of the sector, we are developing a strategy to help deliver more, and better, services to children. We are focusing on:

  • strengthening our workforce
  • helping organisations work better together
  • building positive behaviours.

You can download a copy of the Strengthening the Sector strategy and first action plan.

It’s important to us to help build a capable, skilled, positive and forward-thinking sector that works together and collaborates on projects.

By strengthening the sector we can make sure they have the best resources, knowledge and working environment to provide the best services to children and families.

Last modified: 
24 February 2017