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Safe is not enough. We need our children and families to be More than safe.

By embracing the More than safe principles, we can all play our part to make sure Queensland children are More than safe.

The Values

More than safe consists reflects 3 core values of commitment, connectedness and courage, with each core value supported by underlying principles.

The Principles

These principles provide a unified framework for the sector to guide our practice. They support organisational principles already in place, not replace them.

Why did we develop More than safe?

In the Strengthening our sector strategy we committed to building a proactive and positive culture in the way we work to support children and families.

This builds on the recommendation from the Child Protection Commission of Inquiry to move to a sense of ownership in our sector – for each of us to play our part in keeping children More than safe.

In the first Strengthening our sector action plan 2016-17 sector leaders developed the statement and in the second action plan 2017-18 and beyond, the QFCC and your leaders will continue to work with the sector to embed the More than safe values.

Print and sign your copy of the More than safe certificate to display in your offices and make the commitment to keeping Queensland's children More than safe.

What will you do to keep Queensland's children More than safe

Keeping Queensland's children More than safe is everybody's business. We need to all work together so children families and communities are cared for, protected, safe and able to reach their full potential.

How will you be committed, connected, courageous to keep Queenland's children More than safe? Use the committment form for yourself or in a workshop with your own organisation.

Last modified: 
1 September 2017