Safer Internet Day 2018


Safer Internet Day (SID) provides an opportunity to think about how you use the internet and how safe you’re online.

In February, the QFCC celebrated SID by raising awareness about cyber safety and encouraging people to have conversations with children and young people in their lives about how to stay safe online.

The digital world is ever-evolving and over the years it has also given rise to things like offensive content, cyber-bullying, image-based abuse and unwanted contact.

Every year people around the world unite for SID to inspire positive change and raise awareness about online safety. This year’s theme was Create, connect and share respect: A safer internet starts with you.

The Office of the eSafety Commissioner helped spread the SID message on a national level and the QFCC got on board with a few activities of its own:

Whether you use the internet at work, at home, or for play, we can all be good role models by showing respect online and sharing this important message with family, children and young people, friends and colleagues. 

Everyone can play a part and create a more respectful world online.

Being a good role model means:

  • thinking about how you share pictures or videos and how you tag people 
  • being mindful of your personal information and other people’s information
  • recognising that opinions can be different to your own 
  • only saying online what you’d say to someone face-to-face.

Remember, a safer internet starts with you.