Discussing youth engagement in schools


The Department of Education’s Principals’ Conference, held every two years, is the largest gathering of Queensland State School principals and senior education leaders. It is an opportunity for education leaders to come together to discuss opportunities, challenges and future of state schools in Queensland. 

The event is attended by more than 1,400 education professionals and gives rise for Principals to hear from and talk with other organisations who work and interact with young people and how any work being undertaken may apply in a school setting.

Principal Commissioner Cheryl Vardon was invited to the Principals’ Conference as a key note speaker to discuss the findings from the recent This place I call home report – a report of what it is like growing up in Queensland from the voices, opinions and thoughts of more than 7,000 children and young people. 

As part of the presentation, Cheryl explored the social impacts of education and the long-term benefits of engaging with children and young people at an early age. This was explored through data captured form interactions with children and young people from across Queensland on their sentiments towards education, how they believe they would learn best and how schools can help them prepare for the future with job-readiness and life-skills.