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Conference to tackle impacts of child sexual assault

A national conference being held in Brisbane during March will aim to tackle the issue of child sexual assault and find solutions for those affected in indigen​ous communities.
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, service providers, policy makers, researchers, academics and frontline workers will come together for the National Batiba Guwiyal Conference from 1-2 March at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.
The conference theme ‘extinguish the flame’ refers to the nation’s role in extinguishing the painful impacts of child sexual assault, such as domestic violence, substance abuse, educational disadvantage and mental health issues.
By bringing together thought leaders, experts, advocates and various representatives from the community, the conference will give a voice to the challenges and also the opportunities for tackling the issue.
On top of this, the conference aims to stimulate greater motivation so people across all areas are working collaboratively, ensuring children and families (affected by child sexual assault) have access to the programs and services they need to continue on their road to healing and wellbeing.
The conference invites a wide range of people to attend including:
• community mob
• service providers
• researchers and academics
• advocates and policy makers
• child protection, medical, education and legal practitioners
• therapeutic professionals and
• educators. 
There will also be a pre-conference workshop held on 29 February 2016.
For more information or to register to attend visit the conference website.