Bremer SHS launches region-first program in Talking Families

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Bremer State High School has today become the first high school in the Ipswich region to join the Queensland Family and Child Commission’s (QFCC) Talking Families program – a program helping to reduce the stigma around parents asking for support.

We can’t expect kids to be perfect, so we shouldn’t expect parents to be perfect either. We aren’t born parents and our kids don’t come with handbooks. We need to normalise parents making mistakes, growing and learning every day, and helping each other out in the process.

The QFCC Talking Families initiative works through schools encouraging parents to connect with school staff, each other, and the broader community so that they aren’t raising kids alone.

Today, Bremer State High School Principal Ross McNichol launched their Talking Families program to coincide with the start of the 2021 school year, cementing a commitment to their community that they support parents and encourage a culture of assistance in their school.

“Talking Families is such an important formalisation of the ongoing culture and commitment of our school to support parents and the broader community and we are excited to be the first high school in the Ipswich region to launch this program,” Mr McNichol said.

“Bremer now joins 165 other schools and services from across Queensland to highlight the community organisations and services in the Ipswich region, as well as the teachers of Bremer who are here to help parents at any stage of the parenting journey, should they need it.

“It is part of the Bremer school culture to be a place where our parents feel safe and celebrated, and a place where we can face our challenges together and Talking Families will be the initiative we use to share that with our growing school community.”

QFCC Principal Commissioner Cheryl Vardon said it is vital that parents have wrap around supports to help them on their parenting journey.

“I am proud to see Bremer State High School leading the way as the first high school in the Ipswich region to come on as a Talking Families school,” Ms Vardon said.

“Talking Families will complement the great work happening at Bremer by formalising a school and services partnership between the local Ipswich Family and Child Connect and Local Level Alliance so that parents can easily access coordinated support services unique to their situation, should they need it.

“The parenting journey can sometimes feel lonely and Talking Families helps give teachers the tools to assist early intervention conversations about available parenting supports.”

The Talking Families website ( contains a number of resources for parents and children as well as links through to the oneplace Community Service Directory ( where parents can search for local community services for further support if required.



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