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​Better outcomes for children the goal as RealWell launch​es


RealWell is dedicated to promoting the wellbeing of children by making available simple and practi​cal tools to cultivate community-wide understanding and advancement of children's social and emotional wellbeing. The QFCC is a proud contributing partner of RealWell.​

Assistant Commissioner, Andrea Lauchs, on behalf of the QFCC, congratulated Griffith University, Professor Ross Homel and Dr Kate Freiberg, on the launch of the RealWell enterprise.

Ms Lauchs spoke about the QFCC's particular interest in Rumble's Quest, an innovative tool within RealWell.

Rumble's Quest gives children a voice in relation to their own wellbeing, through an interactive game format. As a child moves through the game, they build a relationship with a creature called Rumble and answer a series of questions which help to give a measure on their wellbeing.

Rumble's Quest assesses four areas of social and emotional wellbeing as well as three cognitive areas of executive functioning.

Childhood wellbeing has a significant impact on children, not only during their childhood, but across their lifespan. The importance of childhood wellbeing is reflected in the range of child protection and education frameworks that identify it as a reportable outcome measure. However, the absence of a valid, reliable and an easy to administer tool has meant that, until now, this reporting has been unable to occur.

Ms Lauchs spoke of the QFCC's views about the potential applications of Rumble's Quest across a range of areas in schools, out-of-home care, and in family support services.

The launch was also supported by speakers from Griffith University, the Benevolent Society, the Department of Education and Training, and two children who spoke about their positive experiences in playing Rumble's Quest.

The launch marked a significant step forward in improving outcomes for children.​