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Asking questions and looking at what’s working to build a better system

The QFCC is one of many organisations that oversee the services provided to children and young people in Queensland. This oversight promotes the safety, wellbeing and best interests of children and young people and aims to improve the child protection system.

We use reviews, research and consultation with children, families, communities and the people who work within the sector to find out what is working well, what needs more investigation, how the system is performing and what needs to change.

We also work with the other organisations that oversee child protection services to:

  • monitor and suggest improvements to their quality assurance processes
  • share information and findings
  • coordinate oversight efforts.

We also work to build the skills and capacity of the sector so they can better:

  • evaluate and use research to improve their programs and services
  • develop a solid evidence base for child protection programs, policies and practices.

We host the Queensland Family and Child Evaluation Community of Practice that aims to:

  • identify, promote and apply best practice in evaluation
  • share knowledge, skills, experiences and resources
  • collaborate and coordinate evaluation activities
  • align agency evaluation with program-level frameworks
  • improve evaluation skills and provide support and advice.

We help to build the evidence base for child protection practice by:

  • providing advice and support to improve research
  • creating educational articles, literature reviews, research summaries
  • hosting seminars and forums.

This work helps us to create a Queensland where families feel supported, children and young people are less likely to be harmed and where children in out-of-home-care get a chance for a safe and stable childhood where achievement is celebrated.

Each year we provide an annual report to the Premier about Queensland’s performance in:

  • achieving state and national goals relating to the child protection system
  • comparisons with other jurisdictions
  • progress in reducing the number of, and improving the outcomes for, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and young people in the child protection system.

You can view our latest findings in the Queensland Family and Child Commission Annual Report 2016-17 on pages 25–50.

Last modified: 
22 November 2017